Our Story


HELLO THERE! Thank you so much for dropping by! The Davidson Flower Company is a business that has been a long time coming for me. I lived in New York for several years and worked for a time in the event planning industry on the Upper East Side. I was able to work within the many sides of the industry and apprentice under our agency's owner on several large scale weddings and events throughout the New York area. As I gained more experience in the event planning industry, I was really being drawn towards the floral design aspect of events. I found myself wandering down to 28th Street to the Flower District many weekends to buy flowers to make arrangements for friends. And after having the privilege of watching installations from many of the top wedding floral designers in the city, a creative idea was starting to bloom.

After moving back home to North Carolina and starting a family, my desire to open my own floral design company grew greater. The Davidson Flower Company is a family owned "farmer-florist" design business that specializes in a lush, ethereal, "garden to vase" aesthetic and utilizes many flowers from our small backyard flower garden when it's in season. Due to the small scale of the garden, I am not able to solely provide all of the blooms and greenery that I will need for my clients, so I'm proud to partner with and support other area flower farmers and local wholesalers to help fulfill orders. 

An important note about The Davidson Flower Company is that we are structured under a "Profit for Purpose" business model. We make a commitment to donate 10% of our revenue to 2 charities in our local area: The Ada Jenkins Center and Bags of Hope. Our hope and goal is to show people that the most beautiful thing about flowers is not necessarily in their appearance or sweet smell, but rather in the lasting social justice impact they can have long after they have wilted. With each order a client places, they know that they are directly helping these charities fulfill their greatest needs.

We recently opened our first brick and mortar shop located at 432 South Main Street, Suite 100 Davidson, NC 28036. We have been blown away by the outpouring of love and encouragement we have received from so many of you as we have set out on this exciting new adventure. We are huge believers in the saying, "you only get out of your community what you're willing to put in." And Davidson, we are all in! We hope to bloom right where we have planted and make the biggest impact possible in our sweet little town! 

With so much gratitude,

Karen Holmes